Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Box

I found this idea on Mike Funk's blog and just fell in love with it! But Mike's listed measurements were off a little so please use the measurements I will list below. Of course, I didn't have the set that he used, which is adorable by the way and only available until August 31st. So I used the owl that I love so much  :) We made these at club on 8/12/10 and they turned out really cute. I am going to try to do a mini tutorial on these.
  • Big Shot and Matchbox die with Premium Crease Pad and one cutting pad
  • card stock
  • Sticky Strip
  • Ribbon
  • Paper cutter and Bone Folder
  1. Cut out matchbox and assemble box bottom. Crease all other folds. 
  2. Cut out a 5-3/4" x3-1/4" contrasting book cover, and inside of book in same color as the matchbox pieces (two 2-1/4" x 3" pieces and one 7/8" x 3" piece)
  3. Decorate all pieces as desired.
  4. Assemble the lid of the box.
  5. Adhere the inside pieces to the back of the book cover piece as shown in the picture below. Basically you are adhering the 2 larger pieces so that there is an even margin around the 3 outer edges. Then adhere the thin middle piece centered between them. 
  6. Crease between the pieces with bone folder and paper cutter.
  7.  Put sticky strip on one side and the bottom of the box lid. Adhere the spine edge to the inside of the book cover first, then adhere the bottom. 
  8. Tie ribbon around the box to keep the box bottom from sliding out. All done!

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