Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tutorial: Votive Luminary #2

Well people, I promised the tutorial for this Votive Surround and here it is!

Supplies needed: Stamp set of your choice, Holy Triptych and Holiday Wishes used here.
ink and markers of your choice.
2 12x12 sheets cardstock (Bravo Burgundy used here)
1 8.5x11" sheet vellum
oval cutting system
embossing powder( this is optional and I used Iridescent Ice for a little extra sparkle)
heat gun
ribbon (SU retired gold organdy used here)

elastic cord- SU gold cord form Holiday Mini used here
4 dowels cut to size or 4 chopsticks
tape runner

1. cut eight 4x5" pieces of cardstock and four 3 1/4 x4 1/4" pieces of vellum( or size to fit ovals and images to be stamped).
2. With four 4x5" sections cut a smaller oval- this will be the "right side" or outside" of the section and should be the right size for the image you have chosen.
Then with the other four 4x5" sections, cut a larger oval. These are the "wrong side" or "inside" pieces of each section. This way if your ovals are not in exactly the same spot on every section it will still match up when put together.

3. Use white gel pen to draw stitches around ovals and outer edges on the 4 small oval 4x5" sections.

4. Stamp images in the center of each vellum piece. I used images from Holy Triptych and Holiday wishes and Close to Cocoa ink. You can use Stazon if you don't want to emboss.

5. Apply Iridescent Ice embossing powder and heat with heat gun until ep melts. You can do this with classic ink on vellum because it stays wet long enough to make ep stick. Cool huh?!

6. Color images on the Back of the vellum using various markers. I used SU markers.

7. Center image inside the small oval 4x5" section and adhere to the back.

8. Repeat step 7 with all 4 sections. Use your dowels to estimate spacing. We will be using the elastic cord to hold the dowels in place so spacing does not need to be exact, but if it is too tight the finished product looks puckered.

9. Run adhesive along tops and bottoms of each panel, then take your ribbon and adhere a long strip all the way across all for panels starting halfway across the first panel and ending with enough tail to join to the halfway mark on the first panel, a little longer is better than a little shorter as you can always trim it later.

10. Now run sticky right over the ribbon, avoiding the spaces between panels.

11. Adhere a long string of elastic cord to the ribbon, the same length as the ribbon.

12.Adhere the large oval section to the back of each panel except the first panel to give the section a nice finished appearance and some added stability.

13. Now you need to adhere the tails from the 4th panel to the 1st panel.

14. And put the last large oval section on the back of the last panel. This picture shows the ribbon the way I did it the first time, which did not work! So ignore that detail on this picture.

13. Color dowels by rubbing on ink pad, this was done using Close to Cocoa. Your fingers will get inky here.

14. Slip the dowels into the corners between the ribbon and the elastic cord, and adjust to the desired height. I know, the dowels aren't colored here, I took the picture during a test fit.

And here it is all dressed up for company. I really do love this project. I better get started on the ones I'm going to give away!

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Scrappychick said...

This is beautiful! What a lovely gift it would make :)


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