Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scrapbooking Retreat

I have finally found a weekend I think will work for most of us! I have reserved the weekend of April 18-20 for us at the Quilted Loon ! Please let me know if you can attend, It will be about $50/person as long as we get at least 10 people.

I can't wait! I am getting very excited! I will be planning some activities for those that want some projects planned, and I will post pictures and supply lists. If you want to do a project, just bring the supplies from the list!

And yes, Leah, we will do those file folder Christmas list things you have wanted me to demonstrate for sooo long! Yeah!

I was also thinking of doing the new $6 ink pad holder I made with instructions created by Stampalooza on , she has an amazing talent! She designed the whole thing herself and built it out of 2 sheets of foam core board!

You will also need a boxcutter or exacto/hobby blade, pencil, and straight edge ruler.

I'll post some more ideas later!

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