Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Address Books

Ok, so I took the first address book and card to work for everyone to contribute to before we gave it to our departing coworker and everyone loved it! "You should sell these!" Was something I kept hearing. So I went home and made 2 more, trying to see how long it would take and if it could be profitable. It took me about 5 hours to make 2 of these little beauties! So I would have to charge about $16 to make $5/hour and pay for the materials. I didn't think anyone would pay that, but one coworker already has, for $15! This is not something I would make and think I was earning alot, but if I just made some now and then to sell, and it didn't feel too much like work, I might do it. I can make much better money other ways and I always say work smarter not harder, but as long as this is still fun to make, what the hey! Why not.
So this is ALmost Amethyst, So Saffron, and Vintage Violet. I didn't have ribbon to match, so I used reinkers to die some in each color. The ribbon in the ribbon slider looks more amethyst in real life. I shouldn't have taken this photo in the basement, I couldn't get the right lighting! I used the Cuttlebug Textiles embossing folder and rubbed the raised parts with Vintage Violet ink pad. This is the inside of the amethyst book, using Baroque Motifs set with the Saffron, Amethyst, and Violet inks.
This is the So Saffron front, using the Stylized Flowers embossing Folder. I used Amethyst and Saffron dyed ribbons on it.
This is what the pages look like on both books. There are lots of putzy little details in this project. I used a marker to distress the edges of every Round Tab punch, and stamped the starburst/flower thingy in 2 colors on the edge of each page front and back and there are 24 pages. I also attached the tabs with 2 eyelets each. I had to punch all the holes in all the pages and the covers, I could do 2 covers at a time and 5 pages at a time with my Crop-A-Dile, LOVE that thing! The hardest part was trying to find enough coordinating eyelets from my stash!
And this is the inside cover of the Saffron book. I think I really like the alternating color thing.

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SeaStar Creations said...

these are SO cute ... gonna have to try it myself. thanks for sharing!


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