Friday, April 11, 2008

Sign up for Potluck at Retreat

Ok, we have 10 people signed up for Retreat, still room for 3 people to spend the night, or a total of 8 more people at the tables.
Anybody else that wants to sign up, I plan to go pay in full on Wednesday after I get off work, so please contact me ASAP and get your payment to me by then.

We have 6 meals and 4 snacks to divvy up so let me know which one you want to do. This is a BYOB event also. I will bring some coffee, tea, and crystal light, but anything else is up to you. Please bring a water bottle so we can avoid open cups at the tables.
  1. Friday supper-open
  2. Saturday breakfast-Kathy and Sandy
  3. Saturday lunch-open
  4. Saturday supper-Dawn
  5. Saturday snack #1-Kathy and Sandy
  6. Saturday snack #2-Dawn
  7. Sunday breakfast-open
  8. Sunday lunch-open
  9. Sunday snack #1-open
  10. Sunday snack #2-open

I will edit this post as more have signed up. Also if there are any food allergies, let me know. So far here is a list of allergies I know about:

Apples with skins





Pecans, walnuts

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