Monday, August 3, 2009

Off to Convention!!!!

Ok, I am almost completely packed- just need to add the stuff I need to use in the am. Then we fly out at 7:00am! We are so excited to go somewhere by ourselves (my hubby and I) and play without the kids! We have never done this before and I think it will be quite an addicting experience. There are just so many things for me to be excited about on this trip. Lots of firsts:
First trip out of state since we married
First time leaving the kids for more than 48 hours
First flight in an airplane for my hubby
First time cave exploring
First time white water rafting
First convention for Stampin Up!!!!!
First time being a Make & Take helper!!!!!!

Ok, we all know I am excited! I will try to keep you all updated with the fun, all that I am allowed to share anyway. I could really just squeal right now, I am so excited! How many times have I said excited now? Alot I am sure. Ok, I better get to prepping for the trip so I can go to bed. I will have no problem sleeping tho, cuz I got off work at 8:00 am and only took a 3 hour nap. I am actually really tired right now. Maybe that's why I am so chatty!

Til next time, when I will be in SALT LAKE CITY!!!!

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