Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Autism Awareness Blog Hop 2018

This is such an awesome topic, I had to play in 2 hops! This month in Autism Awareness month, and we are hopping and sharing our stories to bring greater awareness. I am joining several of my stamping friends to bring you some creative inspiration, and some humanity inspiration!

Whether you have Autism, have a family member or friend with it, or just want to be a better human being to those in your community that you may encounter with it, knowledge is power!

Here is what I shared on the other hop, as it pretty much says it all for me:

For me, I encounter autism in my circle of friends and family, and in my professional life as a nurse.

I have several stamping friends who have children with autism, and being a listening ear when we get together is definitely something I am up for. We all need a safe place to share our unique joys and frustrations.

I work with a doctor who has 2 sons with autism, and I admire the way that he parents all of his children, and watch him struggle with the lack of coverage to the maintenance therapy his children need through our insurance company. And the sacrifices his family makes to ensure they get what they need. 

When my son got married this fall, I gained a 14 year old grandson with autism. He is a bright and enthusiastic child with lots to say, and is eager to interact with us all. Meal time is a challenge though, lol. He will eat anything full of sugar, and always wants steak. Neither of those items is on the list of things that I serve for a house full of people. Family gatherings here are frequently for a group of 15 or more! There are many other quirks, but I won't violate his privacy to share them. We love him, and would not cause him harm for any reason.

When a child with autism comes in to the ER, whether ill or injured, it does present some unique challenges. We are asking them to adjust very quickly to new settings, new people, and frequently painful interventions. Flying by the seat of our pants is our specialty, but not so for these youngsters! Sometimes we can take the time to help the child cooperate with what is happening. Sometimes the child needs care quickly, and that can get dicey! Then you try to get things done as quickly as possible to avoid drawn out fear and anxiety. It helps if everyone around the child remains calm and supportive despite screaming, hitting, and behaviors from the child. You know what, that applies to anyone, autistic or not.

By being flexible and caring in our interactions with each other, we can make this world a better place for those who have additional challenges to their everyday routine.

If you would like more information about Autism, check out this site that a friend recommended: the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

Empowerment is a great thing! You can support this cause by donating here:

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is just be there. Talking, sitting quietly, or sharing a task without conversation. Just being a peaceful companion. We all need that puddle of calm now and again.

And it is a special person who can do that for any of us! I hope I am that kind of someone for my loved ones, and my patients.

Most strongly in my heart, this card is for my husband. I am so glad he is my someone.



stampwithamyk said...

Your card is absolutely perfect! The sentiment is fantastic and I love the colors. :)

Sandi MacIver said...

what a beautiful card Tanya and the sentiment is just perfect

Unknown said...

Fantastic card, Tanya! The colors are awesome together!

Charlet Mallett said...

So Beautiful Tanya! Love the colors too.

evafromca said...

This is so beautiful!!! Love the colors and thank you for sharing the stories!

Tami Hewlett said...

What a gorgeous card and thank you so much for sharing your personal story and insights!

Unknown said...

Beautiful card! Thank you for helping to raise awareness for autism.

Jen said...

Gorgeous card! I love the colors you used!!

Jenny Hall said...

Oh my goodness, but this card is amazing. And you are amazing too :-)

Card Bomb said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful Share Tanya! And your card is stunning!

Denita Wright-Smee said...

I love your story, Tanya. And when I read your last paragraph, I cried a little. Thankyou for sharing your story and your beautiful creation. D xox

Carolynn Sander said...

Your card is remarkably beautiful Tanya! But your message is even more so! I am also a Registered Nurse (I work in the PICU). I can't agree more with your message of just being there. Your patients and family are blessed to have you. Hugs from Canada. It was great to hop with you.💖


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