Monday, April 2, 2018

World Autism Awareness Day Hop

Several of my stamping friends and I are taking this opportunity today to bring a smidge of information to you about something that affects so many around us.

For me, I encounter autism in my circle of friends and family, and in my professional life as a nurse.

I have several stamping friends who have children with autism, and being a listening ear when we get together is definitely something I am up for. We all need a safe place to share our unique joys and frustrations.

I work with a doctor who has 2 sons with autism, and I admire the way that he parents all of his children, and watch him struggle with the lack of coverage to the maintenance therapy his children need through our insurance company. And the sacrifices his family makes to ensure they get what they need. 

When my son got married this fall, I gained a 14 year old grandson with autism. He is a bright and enthusiastic child with lots to say, and is eager to interact with us all. Meal time is a challenge though, lol. He will eat anything full of sugar, and always wants steak. Neither of those items is on the list of things that I serve for a house full of people. Family gatherings here are frequently for a group of 15 or more! There are many other quirks, but I won't violate his privacy to share them. We love him, and would not cause him harm for any reason.

When a child with autism comes in to the ER, whether ill or injured, it does present some unique challenges. We are asking them to adjust very quickly to new settings, new people, and frequently painful interventions. Flying by the seat of our pants is our specialty, but not so for these youngsters! Sometimes we can take the time to help the child cooperate with what is happening. Sometimes the child needs care quickly, and that can get dicey! Then you try to get things done as quickly as possible to avoid drawn out fear and anxiety. It helps if everyone around the child remains calm and supportive despite screaming, hitting, and behaviors from the child. You know what, that applies to anyone, autistic or not.

By being flexible and caring in our interactions with each other, we can make this world a better place for those who have additional challenges to their everyday routine.

I embraced the blue that symbolizes Autism on this project. It doesn't hurt that I love blue. All blues. Not even kidding a little bit. If you saw how much blue I own, you might be shocked.

I also love watercolor, and rustic things. And supporting my friends! This will be a great card for one of my stamping friends!

I used only two inks here, Versamark and Pacific Point. That is an awesome blue, isn't it?! Why do we neglect it so much?

For the inside image, I stamped off once to get a softer impression. It needs to be subtle to let the message I will write be the focal point.

I did use some Clear Wink of Stella on the heart and leaves inside and out, but it is nearly impossible to catch on camera.

That is all I have for your today. Hopefully I have made you think about how Autism touches your life, and how you can help those it touches in your life!
Here is a link to allow you to donate directly to the Organization for Autism Research, in an effort to assist individuals living with autism and bring more awareness, in support of World Autism Awareness Day

Time to head to the next stop on the hop, Sharon Dalton.

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Unknown said...

Love your card!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty and special card, Tanya!

Jenny Hall said...

Wowsers, Tanya! Of course it's fantastic, you created it. Thanks for sharing!

stampwithamyk said...

Loved reading your story! Beautiful project too! The embossing is perfect and so are the colors! :)

Studio Shabaz - CreativeMe68 said...

OH MY GOODNESS... that is so stinken cute
Cheers Shaz

Golly said...

Your writing is just as beautiful as your card. You must be a Great nurse. TFS

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card and I especially appreciate you sharing information and some guidance.

Unknown said...

Love it! And I agree, we can make the world a better place.


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