Friday, July 10, 2020

Christmas in July: Mass Production

The Crafty Festival of Friends are at it again! We kinda like Christmas, if you couldn't tell. We are going to do an entire month of Christmas! Each week will have a different Christmas theme.

This week, we are doing Mass production friendly designs.

These are actually cards I made in December of 2018, and some of them have already been used for that Christmas season. I really wish I could remember who I sent them too, so I don't send them the same-ish card again next year. 😆

I used the Concord and 9th Winter Wear stamp set, Snow Flurry die, and the Snowflakes Turnabout.

Let's start with the inside. (I apologize for the crappy lighting here. What can I say. Light is in poor supply in Minnesota winters. And I have been saving this project for the perfect time) 

This is one turn with the Snowflakes Turnabout in Sahara Sand stamped off once, and a sentiment from the Winter Wear set stamped in full strength Sahara Sand.

Now, I want a little crazy coloring these ladies. I had just finished purchasing nearly every single Copic marker color made a couple months before. I was building my skills using them, and concentrating on skin tones and hair color. Bear with me, there are 12 different ladies here!

This is Brunette #1. I don't know which colors for sure. She has a bit of a caramel brown going on with her toasty brown skin tone. A bit Beyonce'!

Brunette #2 is a little darker in the hair, and a lot lighter in the skin.

Brunette #3 has more highlights, and has a bit of an Asian skin tone, I think.

Brunette #4 has some rosie cheeks!

Black hair #1 has a bit of a blue undertone to the hair. And the first deep skin tone.

Black hair #2 is very similar.

Red head #1 looks like Ireland, all the way!

Red head #2 does not agree with the thought that redheads can't wear pink!

Golden blonde turned out nice. Or is this strawberry blonde? You tell me!

Platinum blonde #1 would almost get lost in a snowbank!

Platinum blonde #2 is a little darker.

That was a whole lotta heads!

I feel like making more holiday cards already, how about you?!

The rest of the blog roll is at the end of this post, so don't forget to check it out. 

Some of the supplies listed below are affiliate links, some are not. If you use an affiliate link here to make a purchase, I may get a small compensation. I only use things that I love, and do not create paid posts.

Participant Roll:

Tanya Boser-   Blog.......Instagram...
Neha Tulsyan-  Blog.....Instagram.....Video...
Tania Cordie-   Blog...


Kathy Bolam said...

Fantastic coloring! I humbly offer a suggestion to keep track of what card I sent out the previous year. I have a 2" binder, and either make an extra card or take a picture of the card, write down the year sent in upper right hand corner and file. I make my own Christmas cards and also for my sister-in-law so this process is vital for me.

Lady Joyful said...

Lovely designs and beautifully coloured. I really like the snow flake backgrounds.


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