Monday, August 11, 2008

Tropical Page Redo

Ok, yet again I cannot stick with simple... I had to do more! So this is the redo of the Kiwi Kiss Tropical page that we will be doing at Club on Wednesday. It looks much better, right?! But it's not a lot more work, so still fairly simple. I learned a new technique for the leaves, dramatic but easy.
Still waiting for the inspiration to hit for that last will hit before club, don't worry!
I need to take more pictures, but my kids are never around or willing to have their pictures taken anymore :( What's a mom to do? I have 2 Seniors in high school this year and I need to start working on taking their Senior photos. I will do them myself cuz I can't imagine paying hundreds of dollars for something I can do for under $100 for both of them! Cheapskate, I know. But there are so many other things to spend money on, like stamps! ;) Just kidding! There are other more important things on my "have to have" list. And for those of you who know me, you know what I mean! Ok, now I am just rambling! If anybody has some good ideas for senior pics, please leave a comment! Thanks!


Two Happy Stampers said...

Love your layout! I would love to know how you made those leaves.

Angela Riddell said...

very, pretty page. Love the colors.

Tinkerin In Ink said...

I found the how-to for the leaves here


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