Monday, March 5, 2018

PaperTrey Ink Make It Monday: Color Wheel

Happy Monday! It is my Saturday, and I slept in. It felt awesome!

Then I got up, made some tea, worked on the 150 Pentecost cards that I am making for the church ministry I signed up for impulsively this fall.

Got dressed and started making my breakfast (at 12:30), and the Schwan's man showed up.
Phew, I was wearing a bra and had brushed my hair. Not sure about my teeth.

And, he got stuck in our driveway and had to call a tow truck! Poor guy had to sit with me in my kitchen for an hour or so while we waited for the tow truck.

This could have been a bit awkward. I was his nurse a few weeks ago when he came to the ER. He was there for something totally normal, and was a model patient, however some people get uncomfortable seeing their nurse after they have been so vulnerable.

It took a little bit, with neither of us ever acknowledging that event, but was fine after I brought some wood stove ashes to throw under the tires for traction. Then I fed him lunch. WE are all happier when we are fed!

After this debacle, I checked out the Make It Monday video, and decided to try my hand at it! Thank you Lexi Daily, for the inspiration!

I used the Garden Variety stamp set for years ago, along with the coordinating dies. I used my DIY wreath jig again, even though I didn't really want to repeat myself so soon! But it really seemed to fit this card.

  I used some of the leftover diecuts on the inside. This will make a great general greeting card to someone who loves gardening as much as I do!

 I have created a clickable supply list below for things that I could. These are affiliate links, and do help to support my crafting, so please feel free to shop with them!


lexi said...

your card is so soft and pretty - i love your colors! i wish my monday was more like saturday - but you've still had a busy one!! thanks for playing make it monday!!

Kelly said...

Love your card and the accompanying story! Wish I liked gardening (insert wistful emoji).

Jill S said...

What a beautiful card! The story is a good one too!

Cindy Beach said...

What a day you had!
I love the beautiful wreath and your pretty pretty card. So nice to bump into you here again!

Judith Ann Novak said...

Your card is lovely. The wreath behind the bucket of tools is so delicate and spring-like and a spot-on example of color wheel use. And I agree.. what a great story to accompany your post.

Linda said...

This is so pretty. Love your flower circle.

lainey said...

Your colorful flowers and greenery is the perfect background for the garden items! So pretty.

Unknown said...

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