Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Style of Pop-Up Cards

To me at least! I found an example of these at in the gallery by kaloso05 here and had to make some my self, they are so cool! I needed to make a special birthday card for a friend and thought this would be perfect. The original sample I saw was of flowers, and I made one for my Mom's birthday, way late by the way, because she needs help with her garden and I haven't been able to get down there to help her, so I thought I would send her a little garden instead.

This is a side view so you can an idea of the 3-Dness of it. (Is that a word?!)

Here is a view of it from the front and open, I just love the tiers of images!

And this is the front view closed. This would be a fun project for club, but a little time consuming with all the stamping and stuff. Heck, who am I kidding! I do that to you guys all the time don't I! I'll do a tutorial after we make it at club.

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