Sunday, September 7, 2008

Top Closure for Acetate Boxes

Better instructions on top closure for the acetate box. I thought I would do a photo tutorial quick. Well, quick didn't happen! My camera batteries died half way through and I had to wait for the batteries to recharge before I could finish it!
Now, these are the instructions for the adapted top closure only! The rest of the tutorial is available here. First, glue little flap to form the square or cube.

Then apply glue to all sides, above the score lines. I used Tombow Mono Multi .

Next, squish your box a little and slip inside the cardstock cube., Ack! I just realized I stamped my images upside down on this piece! So the cardstock pumpkin should be the other way, oh well!

Make sure your acetate edges are evenly just below the score lines so that your top will be on straight.

I then laid the box on it's side and used my bone folder to rub the acetate and cardstock together until the glue held well.

Now, find the side that you want to be your front of the box. Trim about 1/8" off the front flap with paper trimmer.

Turn this side to be facing you.

Fold right side flap in.

Fold back flap down.

Fold left side flap in.

Fold front flap down. Now, note which edge of the left flap corresponds with the back edge of the front flap.

Then use slip punch centered on that edge.

Now the top flap will tuck into the slit and hold the top closed!

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