Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scallop Punch Pumpkin Tutorial

This is an an adorable little pumpkin we made at the October Stamp club meeting. You could use this concept to make ornaments for any holiday of occasion. They even work realy well as cat toys :) My youngest cat keeps stealing them off the table as I'm working and batting them around on the floor!

My 11 year old son helped with this bunch and he wanted this bright Only Orange. I personally prefer Pumpkin Pie or More Mustard for pumpkins. But hey, Geoffrey was happy!

Supplies needed: two 2x6" strips of paper

Scallop punch

green ribbon

lighter or lit candle

tape runner

optional: Jumbo Wheel like So Swirly or Cutlebug and embossing folder, then rub raised image with ink pad

1. Punch out 6 scallops. You can get 3 scallops out of a 2x6" strip of paper.

2. Fold each scallop in half with design to the inside. MAKE SURE FOLD IS BETWEEN SCALLOPS so all are the same. Open all scallops back up.

3. Put a strip of sticky on each half of three of the scallops.

4. Take 1 stickied and 1 not stickied scallop and adhere 1/2 of each together, matching up the scallop edges.

5. Continue adhering scallops alternating sticky with not sticky until all6 scallops are used and all halves are adhered to another half.

6. Take a 2" piece of ribbon, fold it in half. Then singe the ends slightly with a flame (candle or lighter) to prevent fraying while applying sticky.

7. Apply sticky to both sides of not folded edge.

8. Stick ribbon into top of pumpkin and squeeze to adhere.

All Done! It is now ready to be made into a name card for the table, a scatter for around a candle, or strung up on Su gold cord with a bunch more as a cute Autumn garland!

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Sandra Smart said...

wow...these are adorable, and look so easy to make! Thanks for sharing!


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