Friday, November 9, 2007

Some pics fro the last Stamp Club meeting

I took a few pictures at our last meeting and thought I would share. Everyone seemed to be having a great time making the candles and scrapbook page! We ran out of time to do the other 2 projects, so we will do them next month.

Here is "Aunt Amy" playing with Renae's little baby girl- sorry! Don't remember baby's name! Must be the Alzheimer's!
Here are Crystal, Isabel, Elli, and Leah working on their candles very intently.

And Renae and her boys working on the scrapbook page. Earlier Renee's son was telling her that she couldn't be LaMia's friend cuz she was his friend! It was sooo cute!

And dear Debbie with her battle scars! Nice chin ! And she made a lovely candle.
And here is me in an oh so flattering side view showing Elli how to hold the wax paper on the candle to melt the image into the surface. Sorry Elli for the burnt knuckles! Renae is standing in the background, Isabel is hard at work coloring in her angel for her candle. And the only shot of Dawn I got as she studies everyone's work. And that sneaky Crystal P. took this picture after telling me not to take any of her! This is not that same Crystal as in an earlier picture so as you can see, I honored her request, hehehe!

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