Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stamp/Scrapbooking Retreat

At the end of our last club meeting, Elli suggested to me that I put together a retreat. This is something I have thought about before but was unsure of the interest I would get.

There is a place we can get locally that has 4 bedrooms, sleeps up to 13, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a tv area, and a large open area that they supply with tables and such.

I think we could do this for about $55/person for a Friday night thru Sunday at noon. We would need at least 10 people, for 6 people it would be 75/person. This is just the cost of renting the place, I am not charging anything for teaching a class or anything. Here is a link to the website.

The owner also offered the place for rent, I'm guessing for about $5/person for the evening, for us to use for our monthly meetings. The whole no cleaning, tables provided, etc. sounds good to me if anyone is interested in this. We will only do this if everyone is in agreement as we are each committed to spending at least $15/month in product already.

Let me know what you all think. I'm excited about having a retreat. Elli and I went and looked at the place, and it is very nice, and I know we all could use a Girls Weekend!

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