Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Details On Retreat

Ok, I guess I better do a little background for the people who are new to my blog or Stamp Club about this retreat we have coming up!
I am a Stampin Up! demo on a very small scale. I have one Stamp Club that meets monthly, rotating hostess benefits and homes each month. We generally do 1 scrapbook project, a couple cards, and a 3-d project, and have a $15 product minimum order/person.
One of my club members suggested that we have a retreat, so I started researching it and found the lovely and reasonable Quilted Loon which is actually pretty conveniently located for us! So, we will have our monthly Stamp Club meeting while we are at this retreat, and if you are not part of our club you are still welcome to participate, and of course I won't turn orders down :)
But the rest of the weekend is totally not aimed at being Stampin Up! sales, just having fun!
So, if you are interested in coming just let me know! I believe I have 6 spots filled at this moment with several "maybe, let me check my schedule" replies.
Remember that there are only 13 sleeping spots open, and I just called to clarify how many beds that is! There are 10 beds, not 11, so to sleep 13, 6 people would have to double up on 3 beds.
I have the next few days off and I plan to come up with more details on these projects I keep promising!

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