Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So today is my first full day in Seattle and I have already had a lot of fun, and a few run-ins with strawberries... on the plane ride here, they had strawberries in the little snacks you could buy and the lady next to me got one. I had to ask her to move and eat it fast! I don't know how many strawberries were out in the 737 we were flying in, but my lips started to swell and I had to pop some benadryl and hope I didn't need to resort to my epipen! Then at breakfast, there were strawberries on the fruit platter and I only walked into the room and then back out right away. Too late again! Oh, strawberries... why have you betrayed me so! I hope to not need to take benadryl again for the rest of the trip!

I took the Monorail from the Space Needle to Westlake Center, then walked to Pike Place Market, which was marvelous!

I sopped and had a crumpet with ricotta, almond butter, and bitter orange marmalade at the Tea & Crumpet shop.
And later I had an artist make a portrait of my hubby and I. Jamie wasn't there so he did Jamie's off of a photo. It would be closer to what Jamie looks like if he had been there, but he still did an amazing job! He sure made me look good :) The artist was a very nice gentleman originally from Georgia, Russia named Nick Elazar. Very charming old world style about him, sure made me smile! Of course, we both were talking about the love of our lives, our spouses. It always warms my heart to meet someone else who is still hopelessly in love with their spouse :)

 I also brought some stamping supplies and I hope to make some goodies to show you soon! Right now I need to get ready to go out to dinner at Ivar's Salmon House. Should be tasty!

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Adriana Benitez said...

EEk! Sorry to hear about the allergy attacks - how scary!

Cool picture :)


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