Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Place Setting Follow Up

So, are you all loving the new Holiday Mini as much as I am? I sure hope so :) I'm tellin' ya, that Sweater Weather DSP is a must have, and it is definitely a year round and gender neutral bunch of patterns. I am currently in a blue and yellow phase and this DSP fits right in to that mood for me :)

These are really simple to make.
  1. I cut a bunch of 2"x5¼" strips of Sweater Weather DSP. 
  2.  To keep them a uniform size, I placed the flat lunch bags on the Simply Scored with the open end to the left and scored them all at 6¼", then I creased them well with the bottom of the bag to the inside of the pocket.
  3. I them stamped various images in Baked Brown Sugar on the bags and added the DSP strips with or without borders or the "thankful" die cut. 
  4. Stitch up the sides of the folded bag to create the pockets.
  5. Add any remaining embellishments.
For the THANKFUL FOR tags, I just die cut the Apothecary Accent shape and stamped each one simply, to coordinate with the pocket it was going in. I added the clothes pins so that the tags wouldn't slip too far into the pockets.

I thought you all might like a close up shot of each of the place settings. I have plans to make 12 different ones, one for each pattern in the Sweater Weather pack. They were quite fun to put together :) I think I would like to make of buy some muslin napkins to tuck in these. And I would use real silverware, but I was just too lazy to go get some from the kitchen to take the pictures.

 I just love that Soft Sky is back. It is one of my favorite blues. I actually had quite a stash of the card stock that I had been using very sparingly. Now I can use it to my hearts content :)

Some Pumpkin Pie with hounds tooth and chevron wood flooring. Very homey :)

And I don't know about you all, but I REALLY want a log slice platter for my kitchen! I think they are beautiful, with a light varnish on them to make them waterproof. But not so much that they are high gloss. I think it is the carpenter's daughter in me. My dad wore MANY hats, but woodworking was his true passion, and he taught me to love the character of wood and wood grain. I was working in the pig barn and the wood shop when other little girls were playing with Barbies, lol! Does this explain my love of the rustic a little bit?

I know I have done severeal projects with brown lunch bags, but I think they are the perfect blank slate for all kinds of crafting projects. Inexpensive, malleable, and holds quite a bit of stuff!

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