Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving: The Story of a Floral Arrangement

I was recently introduced to If you haven't heard of them before they are a flower delivery service that supports local florists through their online marketplace. I was intrigued by the the lovely arrangements and decided to give it a try myself. It is always a good thing to stretch ourselves! I found a cute container, gathered pine cones, and had a plan! Then I just needed time, good lighting, and to "find" my kitchen table! You know I mean, lol!
Well, the day before Thanksgiving snuck up on me really fast, and Charlene and Nick (my daughter and her fiance) came to visit. I told them I needed to get this done and they jumped right in to helping with the photo shoot!

Charlene is a great photographer, and works as a server in Minneapolis, and Nick is a sushi chef and is used to plating food. Soooo, let the collaborative begin! My kitchen is in a walk-in basement, so the lighting is a challenge, to say the least. And our home is "unfinished", and has some cosmetic challenges, lol! And I had been baking pies ALL morning! So, we are trying to get the lighting right, and adding little details to complete the setting, and then one of my sons calls... chaos, this is my life.

Jamie had to put his contribution to the project in.... he is pretty :)

 More fiddling and adjusting... I normally take about 2 minutes with my photo shoots. I have a good system in place for photos of my papercrafts, but this turned into something else entirely, and it was a great time!! No photos of Nick here though, not sure how that happened.

 Here is what we ended up with. That is a lovely cloth napkin I found at Hobby Lobby providing the foundation. Then there is the birch slice I found in a box of firewood at a local park while at Geoffrey's graduation party this spring. The pine cones are from my front yard. The candle holder was handcrafted by a friend and given to us for Christmas several years ago. My salad bowl filled with oranges and fresh cranberries for dinner tomorrow. The floral container was also found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. And the beautiful flowers and greenery were from the floral section at Lueken's Village Foods in Bemidji. They have gorgeous fresh flowers and arrangements there all the time! I used the wet floral foam for the first time and I guess my arrangement isn't too bad for a first timer, lol!

I was trying to lay the green mums artistically on the greenery when Nick just quickly made them look perfect. Then I popped in the pinecones and cranberries. I love it! For dinner we will move the flower container, bowl, and candle off the table so we can see each other, but this is so lovely it will stay on my table for a while!

One more close up of the flower arrangement. So, what do you think? We had a great time doing this! And I may start indulging in fresh flowers, just for me :)

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