Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Convention Swap- Dump Truck

While cruising Pinterest, I found an adorable Mini Milk Carton idea that I just had to use. The I Dig You set just screamed to be used with it, so off to work I went on this idea! This was for a Treat Holder swap I hope I still got to be in ;)

This is my prototype, I got smarter with the next ones. I stamped the gifts first, then the dump truck. I left the cab off also. This was the gifts were not folded over the top of the box. My Stamp-A-Ma-JIg ogt a real workout with this project :) The wheels are a ¾" black circle and a white Itty Bitty Shapes pack circle punch. I glued them on before assembling the box, being careful to have them over hang the edge the same all the way around. I even ended up makking a little box to set between the wheels to make sure they didn't get crushed on the way to and from convention. I sure hope that worked!

Be sure you fill the carton with the goodies (M&M's in mine) before you staple just the the right of the center. It is a lot easier to fill a big opening than a little one. And if you staple it right, it will stay colsed until you open the left side just like a milk carton.

The other side of the carton has the gifts stamped int he same place, then I dig you  stamped just below it, like the presents are setting on the phrase. I tried to reverse the image, but it was a blotchy transfer of of the acetate. I did not thin of finding a large solid image rubber stamp to try the transfer with until just now!

What do you think? I would love to hear what you have to say!

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