Thursday, August 21, 2008

September Stamp Club

...will be on Friday, September 19th at 7:00pm at the Quilted Loon, I hope! I am waiting for Mary to call me back to confirm. Otherwise, we'll find a place, but the date will stay the same. Deb is the hostess for September, Yeah for Deb!

I had hoped to post some pictures of the projects from stamp club today, but drats! My daughter made off with my camera again when I wasn't looking! GRRRR! Teenagers! She does take awesome pictures, but I would like her to at least ask before she takes it. I believe her intentions are good today. She is babysitting for a single mom of 2 darling little boys, and the mom doesn't have the time/money/camera to take pics of her kids. Charlene is taking them to the beach today and I bet getting some great shots of them playing on the beach, in the water, and on the playground equipment. Ok, here I go rambling again! I bet most of you don't even read this, LOL!

Happy Stamping until next time!

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