Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 4 in Utah

So, yesterday was AWESOME!! So many amazing announcements and so much fun :) I am going to be so broke with the new mini coming out. I think I need everything in it! And seriously, there are 43 pages.... And I have only gotten a couple of things from the new Main cattie! Maybe I should have stayed home from convention, I would have had a lot more money to spend of stamps! Nah! This is way too much fun.
I did have a minor run in with a strawberry yesterday... but someone noticed very quickly and I got my butt away from it :)  Thank You MARY!! My lips swelled just a little bit, but it was ok. Now today is another story. They are serving a lunch with a strawberry salad...... I will not be able to even be there for lunch.
We will see if it is safe fro me to return in the afternoon for general session.  Jamie and I went out for dinner with the SA gang and laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants! Man, those ladies are funny!!
Jamie did not make it to motocross last night but he had fun exploring downtown Salt Lake yesterday. We did manage to get to Tony Caputo's market right before they closed. We have to go again when we have ore than 2 minutes to may our cheese selections :)
Ok, I need to jump in the shower so I can go back to convention in about 20 minutes.

This is my Treat Cup Swap. I love it. I hope everyone else does too! I did not use a new set, but I did use the new In-Colors and a new die :) And I have recently discovered a love for hot air balloons! I even looked into taking a ride in one here, but it is VERY expensive...

And this one has a little secret. The clouds hold the back access flap closed!! Do you love it?!

Ok one more pic of the treat....

And some of the new stuff... I don't have time to write anything about them right now. I will have to come back later and edit this post with more info on the next pictures, but enjoy then just the same. I do have to say Birch Bark Paper!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!


Cindy said...

Ooooo, thank you for sharing the pics! So envious here!!!

Yapha said...

That treat card is too cute!!! Thanks for the extra pictures as well!

Stampngrl said...

Awesome treat card swap!!! I like how you used the new pennant die, too!

Mickey Roberts said...

Love the treat card! Just too cute!


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