Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day in the Life....

I have been trying to keep up with a post every day in November, and today it will have to be a non project post, sorry ladies! How about a little about a day in my life?
I love in a winter wonderland! This was my house yesterday. Big, fluffy flakes that ended up adding up to 8-10" in our yard. Luckily my hubby, Jamie, got home about ½ hour before it started. He had been gone to Crookston (100 miles away) working and finished his three night shifts that morning. I had to take some pictures of the first real snowfall of the year. I mean less than 4" really doesn't feel like much!

This is an attempt to catch the giant fluffy flakes as they came down. The bigger the snowflakes, the warmer it is out, so I really like big fluffy flakes ;)

I took this picture about 2 hours after my hubby got home. Notice how much snow is on his truck already! And on the railing of our upper deck. It sure feels more like Christmas than Thanksgiving here, lol!

Look at the seat of the chair! The only vehicle that moved first thing this morning was the truck, which is 4 wheel drive. My little Neon made it out ok too. I went to town today and bought a tall bookcase and a storage cabinet. I had to do a ton of errands and had planned to only spend 2 hours in town. Yeah, right! I did get the oil changed, filled the gas tank, went to 5 stores, and got grocery and households purchases done for the week, I hope.
Yes, I am tackling the job of re-organizing my crafting area...it really needs it. I have gotten all my stamps onto the bookcase and filled the cabinet with alterable things.
Now I need to figure out what to do with all of the swaps, finished projects, retired paper, ink, and ribbon, and non-SU paper that I never use! Is it time to list them all yet? I don't know, but I do know we are leaving for Little Falls in the morning, so whatever I don't get done will be waiting for me when I get back. We were going to leave tomorrow evening, but there is supposed to be a blizzard tomorrow and we would rather drive in daylight for that.
Oh, and I had to make a surprise run to the vet with ALL FOUR dogs, in my little Neon, to get them up to date on their shots before they go to the kennel tomorrow! Ugh! I called and left a message to make reservations for the dogs at our usual kennel and then got a call at 4pm asking for records of their immunizations. The kennel had been sold in September and no records were included in the sale. Turns out we were bad pet owners and they were all overdue, and I lucked out that the vet would see them and do the shots today! And I had just started tearing the crafting area apart when this happened...
I think we will go see the new Harry Potter movie with the kids this weekend (kids being 21, 18, and 14)! Yes, I am a nerd. And I bet you would never have guessed that I am also a Sci-Fi geek! Wow, I sure did tell you a lot about myself today. I look forward to what all you smarty-pants friends of mine will come up with to harass me about :D Bring it on!
PS: my "boys" are all watching Kung-Fu Panda right now. Including my hubby!


Heidi Baks said...

Beautiful pics... I'm almost ready for snow here.... Naaahhhh!!!

Yapha said...

Thank you for the gorgeous pictures Tanya! The only thing on my trees are oranges! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Adriana Benitez said...

Brrrr, makes me cold just lookin' at it! lol
Have fun with your travels and with reorganizing your room.

Sara Mattson-Blume said...

I am so jealous of where you live-- I'm in Wisconsin, but no real snow yet. I love winter! I liked the day in the life--very fun!

Shelley said...

Great pictures! Snow like that is so pretty. I'm sure they are headed my way soon.


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