Tuesday, December 17, 2013

K-Cup Box tutorial

As promised, I am back today with a tutorial on a box that will hold 4 K Cups! We do not have a Keurig at our house, so I bought some hot chocolate cups so I could take them to work. They are also a versatile gift for a family :)

See all those lovely little cups, just waiting to be given to someone. As you can see, I couldn't resist that bunny and friend image again.

The sleeve slides over the box base and holds it perfectly snug. I added reinforcement to the short ends of the box base as there was not enough paper length to fold over on those ends. The extra paper makes the box more sturdy.

I thought a diagram might be the most efficient way to show you the pieces of the box. I love diagrams, you can pack a lot of info into a little space :)  You can clink on the picture to make it bigger and to print it. Or Here is a link to this as a PDF.

  1. The box base starts as a 7-9/16"x11-3/4" piece.
  2. With the 7-9/16" edge at the top, score at 1-3/4" and 10".
  3. Turn the card stock 90° so the 11-3/4" side is now at the top. Score at 1", 2-3/4",4-13/16", and 6-9/16".
  4. Cut out the shaded areas and on the cut line to make flaps. There will not be a fold over for the short ends as we don't have paper long enough :) That is what the little reinforcement pieces are for.
  5. Cut 2 reinforcement pieces, 1-15/16"x2" each. With the 1-15/16" side at the top, score down the middle at 1".
  6. Optional step: stamp the box base, stamp any message you want on the inside of the box.
  7. Crease all folds well with bone folder.
  8. Apply sticky strip  to the 2 outer long sections and assemble to box. Add the reinforcement pieces to the short end edges with sticky strip after box base is assembled.
  9. The box cover is made from an 8-1/4"x8-5/16" piece. 
  10. With the 8-5/16" edge at the top, score at 1/2", 2-9/16", 4-3/8", and 6-1/2".
  11. Crease folds well with bone folder and put sticky strip on the 1/2" edge flap.
  12. Decorate top as desired. 
  13. Peel the sticky strip and wrap cover around box, adhere flaps together. Don't wrap too tight or it will be difficult to slide the box base in and out. 
All done!

Please leave a comment and let me know how well this works for you :)


Adriana Benitez said...

Ooh, bookmarking this right now! Thanks so much for the inspiration and instructions!

Yapha said...

Super cute project! Thanks for the great tutorial!!

Heidi Baks said...

There it is! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...



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