Monday, October 21, 2013

File Folder Buck

This is a card I made for a swap, and I love it. All that woodgrain just calls out to the carpentry in my blood :) I followed my dad around from the time I could walk. Dad still tells stories of how he would be working on the roof of the house, or up in the rafters of the garage and he would turn around and find my 2 year-old self standing there. I would apparently climb the ladder quietly to hang out with dad :) Sure gave him a heart attack though! Is it a bit ironic that I am not really a fan of heights now? I can climb a fire tower and stuff, but I am not big on climbing ladders onto roofs anymore... It's not so much going up, it is getting my chubby butt back onto the ladder to go down that is the scary part for me! Ladders should be solidly attached, and have handrails, haha!
OK, enough about that and on with the card!

I guess I have been a little too into orange this month, looking back.... But it is such a great fall color! Leaves, and pumpkins, and blaze orange, and candy corn. Oh, ya. Orange is good in October :) Again on this card, you can see the Versamark left a woodgrain image on the gold embossed buck image, which I love!!! It was totally an accident, I was just adding woodgrain to the panel after embossing :)

This is the grapevine growing like mad up the side of our upper deck. It turns a lovely red in the fall.


Yapha said...

Lovely card! Great colors and textures!

Anonymous said...

Cool textures on this card. I love it! I love hearing your stories too :) The grapevine is really neat hmmm I may need to do that! lol

Tina Adams said...

I agree - thumbs down on ladders! The card is really neat. Love the file folder card. Great fall colors and buck too. Orange is definitely a color theme in Wisconsin at this time of year.


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